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The word itself evokes a  sense of adventure and  excitement. A magical  journey to a land far  from the imagination,  because it is never as  you imagined…  Discover the beauty and  awe-inspiring nature of  majestic Africa, amongst  stunning vistas and wildlife  in unimaginable abundance.

Home of the Big Five, Africa has much more to offer than meets the eye.   Once in a lifetime experiences waiting to be discovered; experiences that render one speechless  in the face of its majesty.  Be it the mighty annual migration; witnessing a tribal ritual or laying  on soft white warm sandy beaches… this is the place to come to rediscover one self and  one another.  There is so much mystery surrounding Africa, so much of the unknown, but go with an open  mind, embrace all that it has to offer to you and experience an awe-inspiring sense of  belonging to the land.  Visualize yourself, in your finest safari gear in a safari jeep amongst the vast grasslands  of Africa, the wind in your face, looking out at the big game you only ever saw before in  a Zoo or on TV… now, it’s here, it’s real…    We are here to take you there, in style… The Art of Safari is our business.  Kuja twende safari!! (Let’s go on a Safari!!)

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